Welcome to the Center for International Data

The Center for International Data was established in 1999 and is directed by Robert Feenstra. The center is housed at the Department of Economics at the University of California, Davis. The purpose of this center is to collect, enhance, create, and disseminate international economic data, including online and offline distribution. This web site describes all the data available to the public from the Center, with details for downloading or ordering. Some additional data on Chinese and Hong Kong trade is available to researchers at UC Davis, who are invited to contact Robert Feenstra to access it.

The data and research provided on this site is meant for educational and research purposes. We provide our studies to the public in order to enhance the field of economic research and to contribute our collection and findings, so that other economists and scientists may use them as they see fit. Please Agree to our Terms Of Use, so that our service may continue in good moral and legal compliance.